Skiaréna Jizerky

Skiarena Jizerky stands for the interconnection of Tanvadský Špičák  and  Severák ski areas, both accessible by a single ski pass. Starting with the beginning of the winter season 2011/2012  free ski bus will operate daily between Tanvaldský Špičák, Severák and  The Bobsleigh Track Janov nad Nisou. Route: Severák – Tanvaldský Špičák – Severák  - The Bobsleigh Track Janov nad Nisou - Severák - Tanvaldský Špičák - Severák. The last ski bus ride starts at Tanvaldský Špičák after the closing of the pistes. The ski bus is free for skiers with a valid ski pass. Ski passes bought at Tanvaldský Špičák are valid at Severák without exception. New for this winter: 3 and more-day ski pass bought at Severák enables the skiers to enjoy 1 day of skiing at Tanvaldský Špičák.

Bedřichov is another ski area operated by Ski Bižu Ltd. There is a different system of ticketing and admission management, though. Therefore the ski passes bought at Tanvaldský Špičák or Severák ARE NOT valid in Bedřichov.

The ski areas Tanvaldský Špičák, Severák and Bedřichov offer 17km of ski slopes, 22 ski lifts, 1 chair-lift, 2 SUNKID Wonder Carpets.

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