9:00 - 16:00

Skiareál Bedřichov

0 cmSnow height 0 / 7Chairlifts and lifts 0 / 4.5 kmSlopes

Information about skiarea

Weather in 7.00: -2°C, cloudy. 15 - 50 cm of technical snow on the slopes.

Opening hours 9:00 to 16:00. Open: 4x ski lift and 1x carpet at Malinovka and 2,4 km of ski slopes.

Ski school and ski rental open - tel.: +420 604 581 037.


SatusCode  NameLenght  TypeCapacityEvening traffic
CloseAMalinovka - Poma473 mski lift ski lift700 os./hno
CloseBMalinovka - Kotva465 mski lift ski lift810 os./hno
CloseCMalinovka - Dětské hřiště129 mski lift ski lift430 os./hno
CloseDPastviny - Poma A442 mski lift ski lift900 os./hno
CloseEPastviny - Poma B496 mski lift ski lift900 os./hno
CloseFWeber - Kotva442 mski lift ski lift880 os./hno
CloseGMalinovka - pohyblivý pás20 msunkid sunkid300 os./hno

Ski slopes

StateCode  Name  DifficultyLenghtVertical dropArtificial snowEvening skiing
Closed1aMalinovka 1Amedium  medium510 m101 myesno
Closed1bMalinovka 1Beasy  easy585 m101 myesno
Closed2aMalinovka 2Aeasy  easy530 m101 myesno
Closed2bMalinovka 2Beasy  easy610 m101 myesno
Closed3Dětské hřiště easy  easy150 m10 myesno
Closed4Pastviny Aeasy  easy510 m72 mnono
Closed5Pastviny Beasy  easy610 m72 mnono
Closed6aWeber Aeasy  easy520 m74 mnono
Closed6bWeber Beasy  easy480 m74 mnono
Closed7Dětské hřiště IIeasy  easy30 m2 myesno

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