9:00 - 16:00

Skiareál Severák

0 cmSnow height 0 / 11Chairlifts and lifts 0 / 4.2 kmSlopes

Information about skiarea

Weather in 7.00: -4°C, partly-cloudy. 30 - 60 cm of technical snow on the slopes.

Opening hours 9:00 to 16:00. Open: 7x ski lift, 1x wonder carpet and 2,6 km of ski slopes.

Ski school and ski rental open - tel.: +420 605 907 935.



SatusCode  NameLenght  TypeCapacityEvening traffic
CloseAU Arniky I - Poma F10256 mski lift ski lift600 os./hno
CloseBU Arniky II - Poma F10256 mski lift ski lift600 os./hno
CloseCKampa I - Poma F10195 mski lift ski lift430 os./hno
CloseDKampa II - Poma F-S239 mski lift ski lift600 os./hno
CloseEPohyblivý pás Sun Kid51 msunkid sunkid400 os./hno
CloseFProti Arnice - Poma P150 mski lift ski lift430 os./hno
CloseGProti Arnice - Poma EPV176 mski lift ski lift400 os./hno
CloseHJih - Kotva VL500383 mski lift ski lift720 os./hno
CloseIZalomený - Poma H130/80541 mski lift ski lift900 os./hno
CloseJLoučky - Poma F10172 mski lift ski lift560 os./hno
CloseKLoučky - Poma F10233 mski lift ski lift600 os./hno

Ski slopes

StateCode  Name  DifficultyLenghtVertical dropArtificial snowEvening skiing
Closed1U Arniky I.easy  easy320 m41 myesno
Closed2U Arniky II.easy  easy385 m41 myesno
Closed3Kampa - Arnikaeasy  easy430 m30 myesno
Closed4Kampa Ieasy  easy220 m25 myesno
Closed5Kampa IIeasy  easy255 m25 myesno
Closed6Dětský areáleasy  easy80 m6 myesno
Closed7Proti Arnice Ieasy  easy190 m26 myesno
Closed8Proti Arnice IIeasy  easy200 m24 myesno
Closed9Jihmedium  medium500 m79 myesno
Closed10Přemostěnámedium  medium645 m69 mnono
Closed11Spojovacíeasy  easy510 m45 mnono
Closed12Loučkyeasy  easy430 m47 mnono

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